Month: December 2012

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Lady Luck (Part 2)

From the plains of Queen Elizabeth we moved south to the damp mountain forests of Bwindi for the final leg of our journey where we would be seeing one of the main attractions of Africa’s wildlife! From Bwindi Lodge we marvelled at the stunning views of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, which looks pre-historic when viewed […]

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David’s Final Days in London!

While in London I visited many places, including the London Eye, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions. It’s a big wheel 132-metres high where you can see over most of the city. I also visited the House of Lords, home of the British Parliament and the Reform Club, an exclusive club in […]

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Uganda is Declared a Birding Hub!

Uganda has been declared one of the prime destinations for birdwatching in 2013, continuing the boost from the Lonely Planet 2012 award of Best Tourism Destination into a new year. Nature Uganda had teamed up with Birdlife International, a global conservation organisation focusing on the protection of birds and their habitats, to study the bird […]

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Lady Luck (Part 1)

Safaris require one thing above all others. Money and expertise will give you a great and enjoyable time, but if Lady Luck is on your side an amazing experience can become truly exceptional. Lady Luck smiled on us the entire trip. At Ndali Lodge the weather was hot and sunny in the day as we […]

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David’s Trip to London: Part 2

We’ve already heard about David’s stay with the Connaught Hotel and now he brings you the second of the three-part story of his time in the UK! Another amazing experience for me was going to the World Travel Market in London. There I met many people, mostly tour operators and also previous guests. You can imagine how I felt […]

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