Meet the Team

The Volcanoes Family

Giulia Marsan

Giulia was born in Italy and was educated at Oxford University in the UK. She is married to Praveen and they have one son. She has worked as a researcher for different politicians in the European Parliament and the British Parliament including Suni Agnelli, Mechthild von Alemann, Lord Ryder and Baroness Rawlings. She also worked as a journalist for newspapers including the Corriere della Sera and The Art Newspaper, writing on Culture and European Current Affairs. She has been involved in running the Volcanoes London office for ten years and has supported the administration of the Volcanoes BLCF project in Rwanda. Giulia has been the honorary administrator for the Friends of Seva Mandir in the UK (1997-2012), a respected Indian charity working with rural communities in Rajasthan, India and is a Trustee of the Volcanoes Safaris Partnership Trust Uganda as well as UK. Giulia also writes about local Italian history.