Volcanoes Safaris in the Press


Part of what makes travel so enjoyable is the sense that you are really discovering a place, and not just following the masses to the latest hotspot destination. As with fashion, the greatest satisfaction comes from feeling ahead of the curve, not like you’re a latecomer to a trend. Summer vacation season is in full […]

CR Fashion Book Online - June 2017

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Find Adventure (and Luxury) in Rwanda and Uganda

When most people think of East Africa, hotels aren’t the first thing to come to mind. However, in recent years the growing adventure tourism industry in Rwanda and Uganda has set the stage for some world-class accommodations. Given the breathtaking landscape and the beautiful culture, the rapid growth of this region into a center for […]

Gear Patrol

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Adventure Travel

Praveen Moman, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Volcanoes Safaris and long-standing member of ATTA said it well, “Adventure travel means finding oneself, discovering the essence of the human spirit, stretching yourself physically and emotionally.” ATTA has been corralling Moman and kindred spirits like him from all over the globe in the adventure travel trade for […]

Loftus Adventure

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Rwandan Lodge to open Dian Fossey Map Room

In commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the death of Dian Fossey in 1985 and the 5oth anniversary of the foundation of the Karisoke Research Centre by Fossey in 1967, the Virunga Lodge in Rwanda has announced the opening of the Dian Fossey Map Room. Construction of the Map Room began in June 2016 and […]

Luxury Travel

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National Geographic World’s Most Romantic Destinations

On Volcanoes Safaris’ seven-day Virunga and Kyambura trip, you’ll comb some of Africa’s lushest lands for the most famous primates on the continent. Starting off in Rwanda, you’ll drive through the terraced hills that lead to the Virunga Range, where you’ll find ridge-top digs with volcano and lake views so spectacular you’ll forget you came […]

National Geographic

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