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Lady Luck (Part 3)

We not only got lucky with the animals, the human characters we met along the way were equally as entertaining. At all stops we found friendly and engaging company. We were provided with classic examples of Uganda’s charming but idiosyncratic personality. “Hilariously, I welcome you to our lodge!” was one greeting we received. “This is […]

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Nyakagezi Gorilla Group Return Home

We are delighted to announce that the Nyakagezi Gorilla Group, long-time residents of Mgahinga National Park, has just returned home from Rwanda! There are a total of 80 mountain gorillas in Mgahinga National Park in Uganda, but the travelling Nyakagezi group are the only habituated group for tourism. Their recent arrival in the park before […]

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Increase in Mountain Gorilla Numbers!

We are delighted to announce that census data released today by the Uganda Wildlife Authority has revealed that the number of mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda has risen from the 2006 estimate of 302 to a minimum of 400 in 2011! This now brings the total world population of mountain gorillas up […]

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Ruterana Escapes Close Call in Bwindi

In recent days as trackers were on their daily routine around Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, they noticed that Ruterana of the Rushegura group was looking weak and unwell. They notified the doctors of The Mountain Gorillas Veterinary Project who quickly realised that she recently gave birth but her infant was nowhere to be found. Upon further […]

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Gorilla Habitats Dwindling Fast

A study recently published in Diversity and Distributions details the decline in great ape habitats across Africa and paints what is a very disturbing picture for conservationists. Of all the great apes, gorillas are the ones losing out the most. Cross River gorillas have lost almost 60% of their habitat over the last twenty years, […]

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