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The Spectacular Summit of Sabyinyo

Carefully placing each hand and foot, I moved slowly but deliberately up the handmade ladders nailed into the 60-degree mountain slope. On both sides, the ridge fell off into a white void. As if clawing my way to heaven, I followed the knife-edge path onward and upward through a sea of swirling white clouds to […]

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Take a Walk on the Wild Side

The area around Gahinga is one of the most densely populated rural regions in Uganda. The reasons for this are simple enough; the land is very fertile and there is plenty of water and potatoes.  While the link between potatoes and fecundity remains unproven, on current evidence I am pretty convinced.  Broadly speaking there are […]

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The Batwa Are Back: Blame it on the Boogie

Very limited access to education, social prejudice and a complete lack of land to call their own means the Batwa (pygmy) community around Mt Gahinga lodge have very few sources of income. As a result this once proud and fun-loving people have been consigned to margins of society, eking out an existence by ‘scavenging’ and […]

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More Hot Chocolate? Yes, Please!

Recently two new members of the Volcanoes Team, Holly and Richard, took some much needed down time from the hustle and bustle of Kampala life and traveled to Mount Gahinga Lodge to climb the misty Sabinyo Volcano… My first impression upon arriving to Mt. Gahinga Lodge was the breathtaking scenery.  The lodge itself and the […]

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