Kasiisi Project Farm Has Piglets!

The Kasiisi Project farm in Uganda has received its first six piglets and has named them after leading lights from the Project community: Caroline, Sonya, Amy, Kate, Emily and Lydia. They have also recently hosted the first round of the Kibale Chimpanzee Project Debate Cup.

The Kasiisi Project has been working since 1997 in and around the Kibale National Park to aid in education and conservation projects. They currently work in 14 schools and support around 10,000 primary school children as just one part of their mission. The farm project began in 2006 with the original goal to provide porridge for 1,500 children in the area. With 20 acres of land, the farm was born and intends to sell crops, chickens and pigs and with the addition of the piglets it has all three!

The piglets are hoped to be the first in a long line of fertile and productive animals that will help grow the farm project in the coming months, both in terms of animals to sell and meat to sell as well. It comes after a recent breakthrough with eggs as they managed to obtain a total of 580 laying birds and received their first eggs only a couple of weeks ago. All in all, the future is looking bright for the Kasiisi farm!

To find out more about the Kasiisi Project, visit their website here.

A short video is available on YouTube of the motion being proposed.