Mysterious Visitor Over Breakfast in Bwindi!

Breakfast at the Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge is not as ordinary as it it is in most lodges. On a recent visit to the lodge, Richard, one of our sales staff from our Kampala office, realised he had some rather extraordinary company in the trees nearby. It’s not everyday you’re visited by a chimp while you’re tucking into your eggs!

Richard’s lucky encounter occured over breakfast on the beautiful terrace which overlooks the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.  As he was eating his breakfast, he was amazed to look up and see a chimp sitting in the branches of the Impenetrable Forest only metres away. Luckily, he’s a seasoned traveller so was prepared, knowing how fleeting and unexpected moments of magic like this can be. He whipped out his camera and snapped a couple of shots of the elusive primate.

Chimps are very rare to see, especially in Bwindi as the community there have not been habituated for tracking so are completely wild and unpredictable. This very lucky encounter follows a visit earlier in the year from the Rushegura gorilla group who were captured on film by a couple eating their lunch. Meal times in Bwindi Lodge are certainly a must!

With its unparalleled location overlooking the forest, Bwindi Lodge is a truly magical place, with a genuine atmosphere of the remote, dense jungle which gives it it’s name. This latest visit from the rare primates of the forest demonstrates the spectacular experiences that can be had there, and how lucky our guests can be at even the most unexpected of moments. And how you should always carry a camera with you!

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