Volcanoes First to Feature on JG Blog!

The JG Black Blog of Travel has begun an initiative to feature world-class operators and bloggers for a week apiece on their blog with the aim to give a greater amount of exposure to thriving brands and to create connections between companies and travellers. For their first week they have chosen to feature none other than Volcanoes Safaris!

The week features three postings from the Volcanoes Safaris team, including a round-up of five essential items for gorilla trekking from our star blogger Molly, whose blog posts you can find in our Gorilla Diares section. The second post was a diary-style account of a gorilla trekking experience from Marta, who gives a thorough explanation of what it’s like to trek through the primeval forests and visit these not so distant relatives. She also gives us loads of great pictures as well! The final post is a collection of images from the Volcanoes image collection, giving you a picture of what it’s like to enjoy one of our eco-luxury journeys through Uganda and Rwanda.

Volcanoes Safaris is honoured to be the first choice for JG’s series of Featured Companies on their blog!