Festival of Games on First Birthday!

Whenever someone on the VSPT staff has a birthday we declare it official Games Day! A declaration of Games Day means we stop work and spend the day playing volleyball, basketball, horseshoes and frisbee. We also prepare a big lunch that includes the rare treat of beef and sodas.

For some of my staff Games Day is the first time that they have ever celebrated a birthday. Most notably, Mzee Eriya celebrated his first birthday at the age of 48, during which he also dribbled his first basketball and threw his first frisbee!

Birthdays have become a big deal for the VSPT staff so naturally when our Women’s Coffee Cooperative reached their one year anniversary Games Day was once again declared!

The women arrived at the VSPT Community and Conservation Centre dressed-to-the-nines for the big day. After helping the staff prepare and serve up a delicious lunch, the games of the day began. The ladies enjoyed learning how to throw a frisbee and play basketball and horseshoes. Volleyball on the other hand, has been a long-time village favorite and the women displayed some serious skills while they joined their husbands to challenge the VSPT staff while wearing their beautiful dresses and high-heels!!

It was a wonderful first birthday for the Kyambura Women’s Coffee Cooperative and the VSPT staff look forward to working with and watching it grow and prosper towards their second anniversary, when we can once again declare, “Let the GAMES begin!”

Nicole, Uganda – Volcanoes Safaris Partnerhip Trust