Rwenzori Visitor Centre Opens

The new Rwenzori Mountains National Park visitor centre, one of the last projects of the Sustainable Tourism in the Albertine Rift program (STAR), is open for business!

The STAR program is funded by USAID and has handed the centre over to the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA). The new centre will offer visitors to the park a new source of information on the park and the mountain range colloquially known as the ‘Mountains of the Moon’. The Rwenzoris run along the border between Uganda and the DRC and are a fantastic destination for hiking, though they have yet to be truly ‘discovered’ by the hiking community. A new trail network known as the Mahoma Trail has also been created by the USAID STAR program along with the US Forest Service and will open up the park to even more hikers and climbers.

The new trail expands the programs that can be enjoyed throughout the Rwenzoris. Previous treks around the horsehoe are able to last up to ten days. The Mahoma Trail has been designed to offer a series of programs that last between one and three days across new territory along the lower slopes of the mountain range that were previously unaccessible for all but the most experienced of hikers. The route is connected to the existing central circuit where hikers can easily return to the visitor centre.

The Rwenzori Mountain National Park was recognised in 1994 as a World Heritage Site and in 2008 it was awarded Ramsar status.

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