New Kyambura Community Centre

The Volcanoes Safaris Partnership Trust (VSPT) is happy to announce that a new community centre is to be built in Kyambura to help grow and preserve both the local communities and local wildlife.

The objective of the community centre is to create a regional conservation, eco-tourism, entrepreneurship and community centre in Kyambura that will focus on wildlife and conservation education that will improve livelihoods and help to bring communities and protected areas together through a shared vision. The centre will serve as the hub for Kyambura VSPT projects and act as a model for the development of other such centres in the Albertine Rift Valley.

VSPT projects will be operating daily on site, including the coffee processing station, a demonstration and medicinal garden and a series of community guiding courses among other future projects yet to be announced or developed. In addition, Volcanoes Safaris clients can visit the centre when on safari to Kyambura Gorge Lodge, with these visits expected almost daily.

Community members will be able to visit the site free of charge to learn more about wildlife and conservation topics, offering them a chance to make an impact in the preservation of the local environment. There will also be an education centre and accommodation facility that can be hired and rented by local and international individuals and groups.

The overall goal of this very exciting project is to facilitate local and international wildlife, conservation and community-based educational programs and projects as well as acting as a field station for all VSPT projects around Kyambura.