Sometimes You’re Given a Chicken!

Working with communities can be a taxing and thankless job, other days you get a lovey letter and a chicken!

As part of the VSPT’s “rusty roof” exchange program we renovated five family homes in the area of Kyambura.  Most of these were HIV positive households or those of single grandparents raising Aids orphans. About a month after the first round of houses had been completed, one of the grandmothers whose roof we had replaced knocked on my door with a letter in one had and a rooster in the other.

She arrived with her granddaughter. The woman spoke no English so I could only assume that her granddaughter (and perhaps several others), helped her to compose the below letter:


RE: Renovation

Allow me to extend my thanks to you and the Volcanoes company at large for renovating my house.

As a helpless widow I had been suffering most especially during rainy seasons.

Now that you have recued me, receive that cock with one heart as a sign of happiness and appreciation from me.

I pray to God to reward you abundantly and a safe stay here.

Thank you very much.

I remain yours,


Life just doesn’t get any more rewarding than a gesture such as this.

Nicole, Uganda – Volcanoes Safaris Partnerhip Trust