Tragic Report of Three Gorillas’ Deaths

Volcanoes was hugely saddened to learn of the recent deaths of two wild mountain gorillas. Bwiruka, a senior female mountain gorilla, was found dead by trackers in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park on Monday. The cause of death is yet to be established but is suspected to be advanced age. Also, 3-year-old male mountain gorilla Akarusho has passed away due to a variety of wounds suffered since he left his mother’s group in July.

These deaths follow the sad passing in August of Kaboko, the world’s only captive male mountain gorilla. In 2007, Kaboko was rescued from the hands of poachers and taken to the Senkwekwe center where his right hand was amputated since he had attained injuries from a poacher’s snare. While at the center, Kaboko managed to adapt living with two other orphaned gorillas. His death came as the result of gastro internal problems.

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