Volcanoes Team Complete Gorilla Run!

We’re pleased to announce that the Volcanoes Safaris Primates of the Caribbean team have completed the Great Gorilla Run 2012!

The Great Gorilla Run is easily one of the most entertaining events to support conservation in the world, and has been held in London for the past nine years. Run by the Gorilla Organisation, the Great Gorilla Run seeks to raise funds for the conservation of gorillas in the wild.

The day itself was a magnificently sunny morning with an ideally cool breeze running through the streets of central London, following the mass of gorillas as they dashed past bemused onlookers and amused tourists. Running across Tower Bridge drew great support from those driving past as a chorus of horns sounded in celebration of the hoarde of gorilla-people running past. The reception by the people of London was fantastic, with cheers and clapping following wherever we ran; a real Olympic city!

The Volcanoes Safaris pair ran under the name ‘Primates of the Caribbean’.