Paul Publishes Personal Poetry!

It’s not every day you wake up and you can say that you’re a poet; it takes years of concentration and hard work to have even the smallest breakthrough.

For our very own Paul Kasami, part of the Volcanoes team for the past two years, it took lots of dedication but his efforts were finally rewarded when a poetry anthology of his original work, entitled Beneath the Smile, was recently launched. The book is certainly not an ordinary one as it tackles issues such as basic societal problems in a profound, and at times brutal but humourous, manner.

An extract from the book reads:

The stars are dancing,
On the surface of a hissing river,
The snake that flows smoothly.
Light streams from my lamp,
Caressing the river below,
At timed intervals…

Written over a period of eight years, Beneath the Smile is a collection of poems that takes you on a journey where you make new discoveries, confront truths you may rather not see come to life again and make you realise there is beauty in even the most unexpected places.

Congratulations, Paul!