Ruterana Escapes Close Call in Bwindi

In recent days as trackers were on their daily routine around Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, they noticed that Ruterana of the Rushegura group was looking weak and unwell. They notified the doctors of The Mountain Gorillas Veterinary Project who quickly realised that she recently gave birth but her infant was nowhere to be found.

Upon further scrutiny, the doctors diagnosed that she was dehydrated and emaciated, which implied that she might have been suffering from a post-partum infection. Over a couple of days, the doctors established that she was responding well to the treatment and she was later reunited with the Rushegura group where she was seen vibrant though emaciated but recuperating well.

The effort put in by the trackers and the gorilla doctors clearly saved the life of Ruterana and we can only be grateful and encouraged that the illness was spotted and dealt with so that not only was she able to recover but that she was able to recover without significant intrusion from the doctors. Her condition continues to be monitored by trained professionals.

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