Uganda’s 50th Independence Day

Today marks an important celebration in the history of Uganda as it’s not only Independence Day but a golden jubilee year of 50 years since their independence.

Uganda has come a long way in the last 50 years and there has been a lot to celebrate. Lonely Planet this year named Uganda the top destination for travel and they won, through Stephen Kiprotich a historic gold medal in the Men’s Marathon at the London 2012 Olympic Games to name only two significant achievements among many.

As a more pragmatic example of the country’s growth, 3,160km of roads have been tarmacked, greatly improving the infrastructure of the country from where it stood in 1962 with only 844km of road. This growth of the infrastructure has been key to promoting this vibrant country’s economic development over the last 50 years.

Celebrations are planned all over the country (more details can be found on their dedicated website) with the main event taking place around the Kololo ceremonial grounds as a huge procession takes to the streets. The Education Ministry has also announced a festival that will run for four days at the National Theatre in Kampala as well as a patriotism gala at the Old Kampala Secondary School yesterday.

Volcanoes Safaris has been proud to work with Uganda through the promotion of tourism to many of the country’s spectacular and threatened habitats, natural wonders and endangered species that truly do make Uganda the jewel in the crown of Africa. The Pearl of Africa.