David’s Trip to London: Part 2

We’ve already heard about David’s stay with the Connaught Hotel and now he brings you the second of the three-part story of his time in the UK!

Another amazing experience for me was going to the World Travel Market in London. There I met many people, mostly tour operators and also previous guests. You can imagine how I felt to share news and stories with some of our guests, agents and supporters!

I also had the opportunity to visit the Goodwood Country House, which is in the countryside south of London, where I had a fantastic time and a wonderful experience. The house is very traditional with historic information about its connections with the royal family, being the seat of the Duke of Richmond.

I enjoyed training with them for four days watching how they handled their guests at reception, their customer care and the service in the restaurant. I also visited the rooms with housekeeping to see how they arrange the amenities in the rooms. I attended their meetings with all the heads of department and observed how they do handovers and report the feedback of their guests, led by Sarah the Operations Manager.

Throughout the stay they made me feel like one of their guests and even welcomed me in their rooms! I liked their concept of serving fresh food from their garden where they grow everything they use in the house organically. Milk, meat, vegetables, butter and other food is all grown in-house.

I sincerely wish to thank them for their wonderful hospilaity, it meant a lot to me.

David, Virunga Lodge Manager