Uganda: Africa’s New Frontier (NatGeo)

National Geographic defines Uganda as ‘Africa’s new frontier’ and names it in its Best of the World 2013!

Every year the editors of the National Geographic Traveler choose twenty destinations that they think are home to the best trips in the world for the coming year. Following on from last year’s accolades from the Lonely Planet, Uganda has found itself once again in the spotlight, being selected as a world highlight for another year.

As National Geographic put it: “The land mixes savanna, enormous lakes, rain forests, and the glacier-clad Rwenzori Mountains, one of Africa’s tallest ranges. The headwaters of the Nile originate here, then burst through a cleft in the rocks at Murchison Falls. Uganda’s parade of animals is amazingly diverse. Hippos graze along the shores of Lake Edward while lions lounge in the trees of Ishasha, in Queen Elizabeth National Park. The star in Bwindi is the mountain gorilla, a species down to about 720 animals visible in their tiny habitat.”

Of course here at Volcanoes Safaris we are not suprised by Uganda’s triumph as the country has so much to offer!

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