VS Update on Homosexuality Bill

VS Update on Homosexuality Bill in Uganda 21 March 2013

There have been reports of concern about travelling to Uganda because of the Homosexuality Bill introduced in Parliament in 2012.

Speaking about the Bill, the President of Uganda in December 2012 said in discussion with Ambassadors from European Union countries:

“There is considerable misinformation on the debate of this Bill that has been published in the international media. It has further been widely reported that the Bill provides for the death sentence for those found guilty of homosexual activity. This is simply false.”

The Bill has yet to be brought to parliament and has not yet been passed so the details of the proposal remain unclear and subject to change.  He made clear that homosexuals would not be discriminated against or persecuted. The Bill is not supported by the government but, under the terms of the constitution, the government is obliged to allow debate of such propositions.

We are continuing to monitor the situation on a regular basis and will inform clients/agents of any developments. We look forward to welcoming guests on safari to Uganda which welcomes all visitors. Please get in touch with your sales consultant if you have any queries.

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