Brewing Hope in a Coffee Cup!

Our Coffee Cooperative in Kyambura Gorge is gaining fame for the quality of their Omwani coffee and has recently been featured in the Daily Monitor!

According to the Daily Monitor, the coffe is ‘gaining a reputation for its quality’, which is great news for the women who have been working hard to ensure the quality is higher than other Ugandan coffee brands. The Cooperative was established in 2010 by the VSPT and is only in its second year with lots of growth, both of coffee and sales, forecast for the future.

The Cooperative gives women from the local villages a much-needed and increasingly respected source of work and income to support their families, many of whom are widowed and looking after multiple children and grandchildren by themselves. It is a real success story for the local community and now with the Daily Monitor coverage hopefully it will increase even more.

The Daily Monitor is Uganda’s leading independent newspaper, with a readership of over one million people, originally launched in 1994, a few years before Volcanoes began in 1997!

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