Bush Meat Crisis in Uganda!

A report into conservation in Uganda has detailed that there is a bush meat crisis caused by the hunting of game in protected areas that is being swept under the carpet in conservation circles.

The study has been called ‘Wildlife Conservation and Bush Meat Crisis Survey’ and, unlike the guilty parties hunting the game animals, they are picking no bones about it. The study was conducted around the Murchison Falls area north of Kampala. Near the town of Masindi, it is famous for having impressive waterfalls, the river Nile and wide varieties of game including giraffe, elephant, lion and even elusive hyenas. All of these magnificent animals are apparently under even greater threat than we had previously thought.

The most damning statistic appears to be that of the almost 2500 people surveyed in the area, 85% admitted to having consumed wild meat in the fortnight prior to the study. Admitting also that strict laws will only result in hostilities and an increase in tension between the various parties in the Murchison Falls Conservation Area, the authors stress the need for engaging in responsible dialogue to promote change and protection of these species.

Although Volcanoes don’t travel to Murchison, it is a practice that we strongly oppose. The conservation of endangered species is a prime motivator for our operations and we hope to see an effective response to the study. The Queen Elizabeth National Park, where we have our Kyambura Gorge Lodge, is very similar to the Murchison Falls park area and has many of the same species under protection.

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