The Rwenzori Sculpture Gallery

Following the success of its exhibit on local sculpture in Uganda, the new Rwenzori Sculpture Gallery grows from strength to strength and moulds a bright future for itself in the smelter of Ugandan ambition.

Their exhibit showcases the somewhat surprising talent the local people are discovering they have for bronze casting and it’s very much only the beginning for them.

The project currently has some impressive sponsors, including the Tate Gallery in London, the Royal Academy as well as artistic giant Damien Hirst. The building itself is shaped like an upturned galleon and sits with panoramic views around the Rift Valley. The roof is metal, made from oil drums that have been beaten flat and there is a keel-like beam from which sculptures can be moved about on rails.

The founders of the Foundry are pleased with the results of their labour, as are we and everyone else who has been involved or visited their art centre. They say that ‘our venue is a must-see for the discerning traveller in Western Uganda, offering something distinctly different’ and we couldn’t agree more!

The centre is located just off the main road between Queen Elizabeth National Park, where Volcanoes operates the luxury Kyambura Gorge Lodge, and Fort Portal, only 11km from Kasese. Opening hours are arranged by appointment between 10am and 4pm Monday to Saturday and it’s well worth a visit to see the spectacularly high quality pieces that are displayed and sold there!

For more information on visiting the Scuplture Gallery, contact a member of our sales team!