2014 Dates and Rates Announced

Volcanoes has announced the dates of all safaris up to December 2015 as well as the prices for the 2014 calendar year. 

Prices of all Ugandan safaris for 2014 will include the introduction of VAT by the Ugandan government on upcountry accommodation. These prices, and the revised Rwandan safaris, will come into effect on all safaris booked to run from the 1st January 2014. Until that time, Volcanoes will continue to honour the 2013 rates, despite the VAT inclusion, for Uganda safaris.

Volcanoes is also launching a portfolio of adventurous flying safaris on scheduled dates, bringing the world of the great apes of Uganda and Rwanda closer to groups of travellers. These safaris will be available during peak seasons to ensure Volcanoes offers the foremost safari service in Uganda and Rwanda.

The four Volcanoes Lodges each have a distinctive character, existing in a harmonious relationship with the surrounding land and communities. Each of the lodges, from Virunga in Rwanda to Kyambura GorgeMount Gahinga and Bwindi in Uganda display that unique sensitivity to the environment that is a hallmark of Volcanoes.

The rates and dates of each of the individual safaris can be found on each of their pages on our website (for both flying and driving options). These can be easily navigated by starting at our main safaris listings page.

Take advantage of our low season rates and plan your journey to the Great Apes now!

Contact us for enquiries and more information.

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