Weddings and Anniversaries

WeddingsWould you like to celebrate your wedding at one of our romantic lodges deep in the atmospheric African landscape? Surrounded by towering, rugged mountains, sprawling and alluring forests and open plains that are so free you just want to run across them, there could be no better setting than here to mark this important and special occasion.

The lodges are all equipped with the finest luxuries while maintaining a personal connection with the local communities, creating an atmosphere of union that is perfect for a wedding. To visit us for your anniversary will see you relaxing in any one of our four lodges throughout Uganda and Rwanda. You will have your own private banda as well as the communal gathering space of the main lodge building, where you will be treated to exquisite food and fresh juices between enjoying the various activities on offer at the lodges.

The staff are all very friendly and will be keen to celebrate your anniversary as well, making it a special occasion for everyone at the lodge.