Among the Gorillas Wins Telly Award!

Congratualtions to Travelscope for winning a total of seven Telly Awards, including one for their episode with the gorillas, filmed at our Virunga Lodge!

The Telly Awards are a US awards scheme that honours the very best television programs and commercials as well as the finest video and film productions and work created for the web. This year, Travelscope won no less than seven Telly Awards (bringing their career total to 14 and one Emmy in 2011), one of which was for their episode ‘Rwanda – Among the Gorillas’, shot in and around our stunning Virunga Lodge.

‘Holy smoke, seven Tellys!’ said creator Joseph Rosendo, ‘It is an abundance of riches that proves to us that not only do our millions of viewers appreciate the care we take and the efforts we make to create a quality, culturally-sensitive show that strives to make a difference in our world, but our peers recognize and value our endeavors as well.’

The episode was shot in the Parc National des Volcans and the surrounding area and you can see their journey to meet the gorillas and the local communities, enjoying the vibrant Intore Dancers, the colourful locals, the magnificent scenery and the enchanting wildlife that are so typical of Rwanda and the Virunga Lodge area.

We are very pleased that Travelscope was able to shoot such a provocative and beautiful episode in our lodge and that their work was recognised by the Telly Awards!

Click here to view the full episode.