Volcanoes Photo Competition 2014!!

Volcanoes Safaris is launching a Photo Competition opening on the 20th February and closing on the 20th April. Winners will be announced on the 20th May.

The subject for the submissions will be ‘Wildlife Adventures from Around the World’. The photo competition asks for you to submit your photos of special wildlife adventures. Photos can be of any wildlife encounter whether it’s a polar bear on the ice, a dolphin under the waves, a deer in a tranquil English forest, bald eagle in American mountains or anything else!

Members of the Volcanoes Safaris judging panel, which will include Founder and Managing Director Praveen Moman, will choose the winning photo from the submissions.

The winning prize is a four-day safari to Mount Gahinga Lodge for two people. There will be special discounts given for any extensions within Uganda and Rwanda taken with Volcanoes Safaris.

This safari combines the glorious nature walks and hikes in Mgahinga National Park and experiencing the fascinating culture of the indigenous Batwa people. There are challenging mountain hikes such as to the summit of Mt Muhavura or gentler guided walks such as through Sabinyo Gorge. Tracking the playful golden monkeys in the National Park is always a delight.

The Batwa Pygmies are the indigenous people of these forests and mountains, and their cultural heritage is fast disappearing. You have the opportunity to learn about their relationship with the forest and experience their hunter-gatherer lifestyle first hand in a unique Heritage Experience where you can live as a batwa for the afternoon. There are also dance performances and a vocational centre where local crafts and other work from the batwa can be bought and explored.

The winners will be announced on the 20th May.

Please send all submissions to photo@volcanoessafaris.com where a member of the team will address them.

Good luck!