Fashion tips for your safari from Amon the guide!

Travelling to Uganda and Rwanda doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look fashionable – we also follow the fashion trends!


Gucci, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton – who hasn’t heard of them?! When you are packing, mix up your wardrobe a bit…remember, fashionable can still mean functional.

Uganda and Rwanda are tropical countries but can also get cold so be sure to pack all of the essentials:

  • Shorts for day wear
  • Trousers for a smart dinner in the evenings
  • Skinny or loose jeans depending on your style preference – not everyone can pull of skinny jeans
  • Strong walking boots teemed with good, colorful socks
  • Khaki safari pants – the more pockets the better in my opinion
  • A warn sweater for the cool evenings – I am a fan of the V-neck sweater
  • Rain coat – Gortex is my favorite brand
  • Women – accessorize with ear rings, necklaces and bracelets in bright colors
  • Men – Accessorize with sunglasses. I carry mine with me at all times…they are my ultimate fashion statement.

    Sun glasses his fashion statement.
    Sun glasses his fashion statement.

My last piece of advice – Why not get some truly African clothing while you are on safari to take home with you?

Kitenge is a famous, colorful African fabric that is used in a number of African countries such as Uganda, Rwanda, Congo and Nigeria. If you have enough time, I would highly recommend getting something tailor-made in this fun fabric – I myself have a very colorful Kitenge suit jacket. It is my favorite item of clothing and goes perfectly with a normal pair of jeans and adds a splash of color.