New Photo Competition Prize!

We’ve been so overwhelmed by the quantity and indeed the quality of the responses to our Photo Competition ‘Wildlife Adventures from Around the World’ that we’ve put together a brand new People’s Choice prize!

We thought that only one winner would be harsh considering how many of you have put yourselves forward for inclusion so we’ve been racking our brains to come up with something new and exciting.

Once the competition has closed we will create an album on our Facebook page where you can vote on a selection made by our panel of judges. The winner will be the photo with the most ‘likes’ at a specified time on 20th May. The winner will be announced at the same time as the main prize winner will be.

So, what is the prize?

Activities - Empundu Playground

We’ve decided to offer a donation of footballs to the VSPT in Kyambura Gorge as a prize for the People’s Choice. The footballs will be donated to the children of a local community in your name and you will receive a letter from the local school headteacher and photos of the children saying thank you for the generous gift.

These will all be sent to you by email so there’s no cost to you at all! The children in Kyambura Gorge are huge football fans and will relish the opportunity to play against other local teams with the new balls (although they normally beat the Kyambura Gorge Lodge team…).

Please send all submissions to where a member of the team will address them. Photos can be of any wildlife encounter whether it’s a polar bear on the ice, a dolphin under the waves, a deer in a tranquil English forest, bald eagle in American mountains or anything else! Please check the Terms and Conditions of entry.

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