Volcanoes Safaris guide of the month: Amon Kagurube.

Amon-VS Guide
Amon-VS Guide

Amon Kagurube, a Ugandan by nationality, has worked for Volcanoes Safaris as a safari guide for a period of ten years.  He describes guiding as a professional job where one has to know the interests of the clients and be knowledgeable about flora and fauna so as to interpret the surroundings for the clients. Amon finds his job very interesting because he gets to meet new people and share memorable moments with each of them. 

After ten years of guiding and travelling, Amon believes that there is still more out there that needs to be discovered because the new things that he discovers on safari amaze him. To him, nothing is the same; there is always something new to discover each sunrise.

Amon shared his exciting safari story with us:

On a sunny afternoon on one of his game drives in Queen Elizabeth National Park, he encountered a group of Ugandan Kobs staring at the grass. From his experience as a guide, Kobs staring at bare grass instead of constantly eating signals something is wrong. He curiously jumped out of the safari car and used his binoculars to find out what the Kobs were glaring at.

Through the binoculars, he saw a 10-meter python coiling around a young Kob. Amon asked his clients Sandra and Sam if they would like to see a python feed up close. Intrigued by the idea, the clients swiftly followed him into the long grass. They stood about 5 meters away from the feeding python as it tightened its coils around the young Kob breathed out.

Pythons are strong muscular animals that are able to kill their prey by suffocating them, eventually causing cardiac arrest when the animal is no longer able to breathe. The snake will then swallow its prey.

For over three hours, the awed clients took shots and a video of the whole process. Never in his guiding time had he witnessed such an amazing feat.

Even after all his adventures to Uganda and Rwanda, Amon believes that there is still more adventures in both these countries that he is yet see.