Kinoni Memorial, Rwanda

Last week, Praveen and I joined the people of Kinoni, the main  village near Virunga Lodge in Rwanda to commemorate 20 years since the Genocide in 1994.

Praveen was asked to address the four hundred or so people there. He reminded people that it was important to remember the genocide and learn from it and to come together and work for the benefit of everyone in their area and in the country as whole.

To commemorate the genocide Volcanoes Safaris announced that the company would support a widow who survived the Genocide by buying her a piece of land for farming and giving her two goats.

The Executive Secretary of Kinoni thanked Praveen and Volcanoes Safaris for supporting local communities in Kinoni Sector with different projects, over the last ten years such as:

  • Creating employment opportunities for local people at Virunga Lodge and around which was now supporting several hundred people
  • Building a road through the area which has helped farmers take their produce to the market
  • Supporting Mwiko School, the nearby primary school
  • Partnering with the community to providing electricity to the local people around the lodge
  • Setting up a local intore dance group with children from the village
  • Setting up a Bee Keeping project, a Mushroom growing project, Buying vegetables from the local people, Supporting womens’ projects

The Executive Secretary and Praveen promised the communities more support in future to further develop their families’ interests and wellbeing.

David Magyezi

Virunga Lodge Manager