Political Questions to ask John.

John Mugabwa.

Q: We hear you are very passionate about politics – in your opinion, why is it so important for you and the people of Uganda to understand politics?

John: Ugandan people need to be informed about the affairs of their country. It is also helpful for me as I guide because knowing the politics enables me to answer any question asked by clients.

Q: Do you believe that the majority of Ugandans understand the politics in this country?

John: Well, Ugandans know a bit but not all entirely. Everyone understands the country’s politics in their own way. If you got different Ugandans and asked them the same question you would get totally different answers for each question posed and you would see.

Q: Do you believe politics can affect tourism? How?

John: Yes I believe so, especially political instability. Tourists like visiting politically stable places other than where their lives are threatened. One story in the media can make a client change his mind about travelling to a place. It is just like reading a book about Uganda.

Q: What do visitors to Uganda find most interesting about the political situation here?

John: The clients I have handled are mostly interested in the political history and the kingdoms in that they always ask to go to the kasubi tombs and Museum on their city tours in Kampala.

Q: Are you interested in the politics of any other countries?

John: Of course I am because it is important before one travels. As I guide, before I take clients to a certain country be it Uganda, Rwanda or Kenya I have to know the politics of that specific area so that I know how to approach the people of that specific community. This makes travelling easy for me.