Guide of the Month; Wilson Nzigye.

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Wilson Nzigye.

Wilson Nzigye left Celtel Uganda, one of the leading communication companies in Uganda to work for Volcanoes Safaris in 2006 as a tour guide. He started out as a freelance guide, taking Volcanoes Safaris staff to the lodges. He was later employed as a full-time guide in 2006. Right from the beginning, he has been dedicated to his work and thoroughly enjoys his time with the clients. He undoubtedly finds guiding to be far more rewarding than his previous job. Wilson loves snakes; guiding has given him the opportunity to have first hand experience with the species, learn about them and even carry out personal research. Today he is highly knowledgeably about the different snake species and their habitats. Of course he also knows a lot about other animals too.

His hard work and dedication, as well as his understanding of the tourism industry saw him promoted to head guide in 2011.

We met up with Wilson and this is what he had to say: “My role as a head guide is to report to the operations department about the changes in the field and what the guides are experiencing while on safari. I am basically a link between the guides and the top management. I speak on behalf of the guides and listen to their issues. I organize training and other facilities that they need.”

He is extremely honoured to hold the position of Head Guide and believes that his interpersonal skills have improved tremendously since he started guiding. Today he is very social with his clients, and takes pleasure in sharing his culture with them. He is a huge fan of country music, and enjoys being able to share his love of Africa, snakes and country music with everyone who joins him on safari!