NEW Online Uganda Visa Application

The Government of Uganda has introduced an online visa application system for all persons intending to visit Uganda or East Africa for tourism and/or business.

Single entry visas into Uganda only have reverted to $50 per person.

The East African Tourist Visa remains at $100.

Applications for Ugandan visas or East African Tourist visas should be made online at

Information about documents required and payment for the online visa application can be found at

Type of visas available for application online inlcude:
Multiple entry
Single entry
East Africa Tourist visa (multiple entry valid for up to 90 days to Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya)
Once approved, an approval letter will be sent to the applicant. This letter should be printed out and presented, together with a valid passport/travel document at the port of entry, along with payment in cash (USD only).

As of 1 August, ALL visa applications will need to be done online prior to arrival.

Please contact your sales consultant for more information.

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