Meet David, Virunga Lodge Manager

Q:How long have you been working for Volcanoes?

A: My goodness – a very long time now! In July this year it will be twelve years

Q: As a Ugandan, how did you end up in Rwanda?

I am originally from Bushenyi, in Western Uganda. I started work for another Kenyan tour company who had a tented camp in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, not too far from where I come from. Praveen (Founder of Volcanoes Safaris) used to come to the camp, while he was looking for locations for his own lodge.

Q: How do you feel about being so far from home?

A: I am happy to work anywhere – we have to support our families at the end of the day! I started working at Virunga Lodge when it opened and was promoted to Manager in 2009. I have been extremely lucky to work in such a beautiful place. Of course I miss my family, but I also want to provide my children with the best opportunities in life, and fortunately working for Volcanoes is allowing me to do that.

Q: What is your favorite thing about working for Volcanoes Safaris?

A: I love meeting new people every day and sharing our wonderful part of the world with them. Virunga Lodge is the best lodge in the area and it makes me very proud to work in such a place. I also love working with my team – they are all so hardworking and kind. They are my family.

Q: Have you ever seen the gorillas?

A: Of course!!

Q: What has been your greatest achievement working for Volcanoes?

A: Of course I am very proud to be managing one of the best lodges in Rwanda. I can’t describe what working for Volcanoes means to me – it has been fantastic. One of my proudest moments was travelling to London for hospitality training in 2012. It was such a great experience working in some of the best hotels in the UK. Although I was there in November – it was freezing!

Q: Do you have a life motto you live by?

A: To enjoy life as much as possible and not take anything for granted.