Volcanoes Lodges: A Year in Pictures

Volcanoes Lodges have had a fantastic year! So many exciting developments have taken place.

A new video entitled Praveen Moman: Celebrating Gorillas and Communities was launched celebrating twenty years of Volcanoes pioneering gorilla and chimpanzee ecotourism.

A new collection of aerial shots highlighting the unique location of each lodge in the dramatic Albertine Rift Valley have been released.

Virunga Lodge

At Virunga Lodge the Ikirunga Spa with its volcanic theme opened!

Guy Krenzer and Stephane Chicheri, renowned chefs from Le Nôtre in Paris, have been working with our chefs to curate new menus inspired by Rwandese food.

Mount Gahinga Lodge

The Moman Deluxe Banda was opened at Mount Gahinga to mark the centenary of Praveen’s father Kuldip Rai Moman’s birth in 1918.

An upgrading program for the public areas has started and a further deluxe banda will open in the summer.

A new private access directly linking the lodge to Mgahinga National Park has been opened.

The Gahinga Batwa Village, home to more than 100 members of the Batwa community, was launched in May.

A new video entitled The Batwa of Mgahinga has been released.

Bwindi Lodge

At Bwindi Lodge, the Humula Forest Spa has opened.

A deluxe banda will open by the summer.

Bwindi Bar, the Harry’s Bar of Bwindi, remains a hot favourite among guests!

Kyambura Gorge Lodge

Kyambura Gorge Lodge has been upgraded over the last year. Full details will be released in April 2019!

The Kyambura Gorge Ecotourism Project – a series of activities to protect the Kyambura Gorge Ecosystem and the threatened community of 25 chimps in the Gorge – will be launched in April 2019, consolidating and expanding the community and conservation work done by Volcanoes Safaris Partnership Trust over the last 15 years around Kyambura Gorge.