Volcanoes Safaris Partnership Trust – Appeal for Funding for Conservation and Community Projects

Dear Supporter,

This holiday season we are reaching out to request your assistance for vital projects that Volcanoes Safaris Partnership Trust (see background below) supports near our lodges in Uganda and Rwanda. Support is especially critical at the moment, when so many of our communities have seen their livelihoods affected by Covid-19.

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Activities Planned for 2022

We are currently seeking to raise funds for the following projects for implementation in 2022:

• Bwindi Bar Youth Hospitality Training Program – funding required $2,500

Bwindi Bar provides practical hospitality training for local disadvantaged youths living near Bwindi National Park. For a contribution of $2,500 you can sponsor 4 trainees for a 3-month hospitality training program.

• Gahinga Batwa Village – funding required $8,000

In 1991 the Batwa, an indigenous community, were removed forcibly from the Mgahinga area to create a national park for gorillas. They became ‘conservation refugees’, living a marginal existence, without land, without rights. In 2018 VSPT built a permanent village for the 100 strong Batwa, together with a community centre and land for agricultural and recreational use. VSPT has spent about $250,000 on the village and providing support for health, education,and water provision. With a contribution of $8,000 you can provide solar panelto all 20 Batwa homes in the village. 

• Carpentry & Tailoring  Training Centre at Virunga Lodge – funding required $90,000

In 2022 we would like to build a new vocational centre near Virunga Lodge which will provide practical training in carpentry and tailoring to young people living in the communities neighbouring Virunga Lodge. The funding target of $90,000 will cover all design and construction and initial operational set up costs of the centre for one year. We will match fund 50% of the cost. 

• Kyambura Gorge Wildlife Buffer Zone – funding required $160,000

Since 2009 VSPT has been purchasing land which borders Kyambura Gorge. This helps protect the threatened chimpanzees in the gorge and reduce human-wildlife conflict.  VSPT has spent over $700,000 so far, purchasing land at fair market prices. In 2022 we are aiming to increase the size of the buffer zone by twenty acres with an estimated cost of $160,000.


We need your support for these vital projects to support communities around our lodges and to support conservation of gorillas and chimpanzees. Please give generously!

Best wishes for the holiday season.

Praveen Moman

Chair, VSPT

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Background note on Volcanoes Safaris and Volcanoes Safaris Partnership Trust 

Volcanoes Safaris has been at the forefront of reviving gorilla and chimpanzee conservation and tourism in Rwanda and Uganda for twenty-five years.

In 2009, the Volcanoes Safaris Partnership Trust (VSPT), a non-profit organisation, was established to connect VolcanoesSafaris lodges to neighbouring communities and conservation activities. VSPT aims to create long-term, sustainable projects that enrich the livelihoods of local communities and promote the conservation of the great apes. 

VSPT is registered as a non-profit organisation in Uganda. VSPT is funded by a community fee from Volcanoes Safaris guests, by Volcanoes Safaris and other donations. The routine administration cost of VSPT is kept to a minimum as the background costs are covered by Volcanoes Safaris. VSPT is registered as a non-profit organisation in Uganda since 2009. Registration number 37536.

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