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Gorillas 98% Similar to Humans!

Scientists in Cambridge, UK, have decoded the DNA of the gorilla, finding that they are 98% similar to humans at a genetic level, which makes them more similar to us than previously thought. Researchers have already succeeded in decoding the genomes of both chimpanzees and orangutans and now it’s the turn of the gorilla, specifically […]

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Another Special Visit to Bwindi Lodge!

Following a number of previous visits to Bwindi Lodge, the Rushegura gorilla group has once again decided to make a surprise appearance, delighting the lucky guests in the process! A couple on safari managed to catch them on camera while they were having lunch at the lodge. They had spent the day tracking the gorillas […]

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Gorilla Group Visits Bwindi Lodge!

The Rushegura gorilla group has come to Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge for a quick visit last week! The Rushegura group and the lodge staff are old friends. The staff have got to know the characters and ‘personalities’ of individuals in the group. In 2010 one of the group’s females, Buzinza, even gave birth to her baby […]

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Partnership with JG Black Book of Travel

JG Black Book of Travel is a US consulting firm launched by CEO Jena Gardner in 2002 that provides expert marketing, promotion and sales services to the world’s most exclusive travel experiences. We are delighted to be working with JG Black Book of Travel. They handpick properties and excursions that offer discerning travelers the opportunity […]

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