In 2022, we are reaching out to request your assistance for vital projects that Volcanoes Safaris Partnership Trust supports near our lodges in Uganda and Rwanda. Support is especially critical at the moment, when so many of our communities have seen their livelihoods affected by Covid-19.

Our new partnership with Empowers Africa as our fiscal sponsor provides a simple way for contributions from US residents to be tax-deductible

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The Volcanoes Safaris Partnership Trust (VSPT), established in 2009, is a non-profit organisation that connects Volcanoes’ Rwanda and Uganda luxury lodges to the neighbouring communities and conservation activities. The VSPT receives funding through Volcanoes Safaris, which contributes $50 per night from each guest staying at a Volcanoes lodge, as well as private donations by our guests and others.

The VSPT aims to create long-term, self-sustaining projects that enrich the livelihoods of local communities, promote the conservation of the great apes, restore natural habitats and work with communities and institutions to reduce human-wildlife conflict. As part of their stay at Volcanoes Lodges, guests get an opportunity to visit VSPT projects and to share the lives of the local communities.

Bwindi Bar, near Bwindi Lodge, provides training in hospitality to local disadvantaged youths. In 2016 Bwindi Bar received recognition for its community training program as the winner of the PURE Community Engagement Award!

The Gahinga Batwa Village, a permanent village for one of the oldest surviving indigenous people in the Central African Forest, the Mount Gahinga Batwa Community, was officially opened in May 2018 in Gahinga, Uganda.

The Kyambura Gorge Eco-tourism Project was launched in February 2019. VS and VSPT have been working to safeguard the gorge ecosystem for over 10 years, and today are the largest single stakeholder in the gorge ecosystem after the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Here are some more VSPT community and conservation projects around Volcanoes Lodges:

Virunga Lodge

Kyambura Gorge Lodge

Bwindi Lodge

Mount Gahinga Lodge

Further information is available in our Annual Reports:

VSPT Annual Report 2019

VSPT Annual Report 2020

Download the VSPT Factsheet

You can donate to the VSPT via PayPal using our online service:

The VSPT is a registered charity in Uganda (37536).