Eco Vision

Volcanoes Safaris

At Volcanoes, we believe that eco-tourism in Uganda, Rwanda, and other remote areas such as these needs to respect the culture of local communities, their modest economic means and the fragility of the local environment. In designing, building and running our eco-luxury lodges in Africa, we therefore balance the pressures faced by the local communities with the provision of Western standards of comfort.

There are many different approaches to creating eco-friendly lodges, and many different debates on what exactly this means. We think that for the debate to be meaningful, practical action must be taken on the ground to minimise environmental impact and support the people living around the lodge. As part of Volcanoes’ empowerment program we ensure that the management of these lodges is in the hands of local African staff, ensuring strong relationships with local villages.

Clean water is becoming one of the most scarce resources in the world. While upgrading the bathrooms at the lodges we have worked to find solutions such as collecting rainwater, which provides for most of our needs all year round. Lighting and power in all our lodges is supplied by solar panels to ensure that fossil fuels are not required. These are simply two examples of Volcanoes’ ongoing commitment to sustainability.