The world needs trees more than ever. Here’s how to plant some on your travels.


The Washington Post, “The world needs trees more than ever. Here’s how to plant some on your travels.”, Sunny Fitzgerald , December 2019

Volcanoes Safaris Plantation Photography

We’ve heard a lot about trees lately: The devastating deforestation around the world, caused by wildfires and unchecked development. The health benefits of “bathing” under the forest canopy, shinrin-yoku-style. The recent study that suggested we can fight climate change by planting a trillion trees — and the viral response it received, including volunteers in India and Ethiopiaputting millions of saplings into the soil in a day.I’ll go out on a limb and say it: Trees are trending.


Volcanoes Safaris maintains a buffer zone along the Kyambura Gorge in Uganda — one of the most significant areas in Africa for avian, primate and wildlife biodiversity — to protect the ecosystem from encroaching development. Since the project launched in February, local volunteers and Volcanoes Safaris staff and guests have planted more than 3,000 indigenous trees. Visitors can take guided walking tours through this precious ecosystem and spot chimpanzees and other endemic wildlife.


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