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Volcanoes Statement on Ross Langdon

We understand that one of the victims of the incident at Westgate Mall in Nairobi was Ross Langdon. Ross was born in Tasmania, Australia and moved to practice architecture in London a few years ago. In early 2010 his practice, Regional Associates was appointed Consultant architects for designing and building Volcanoes Safaris Kyambura Gorge Lodge […]

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Volcanoes Update on Embassy Closure

Volcanoes Safaris Update on the Temporary Closure of Certain US Embassies – Kigali 5 August 2013 The Department of State in the US has instructed certain US Embassies and Consulates to remain closed or to suspend operations from Monday, August 5 to Saturday, August 10, 2013. In accordance with these instructions, the U.S. Embassy in […]

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VS Update on Homosexuality Bill

VS Update on Homosexuality Bill in Uganda 21 March 2013 There have been reports of concern about travelling to Uganda because of the Homosexuality Bill introduced in Parliament in 2012. Speaking about the Bill, the President of Uganda in December 2012 said in discussion with Ambassadors from European Union countries: “There is considerable misinformation on […]

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Volcanoes Safaris Statement on Ebola

Volcanoes Safaris Update on Ebola 5 December 2012 There have been reports of Ebola in the north of Uganda, away from Kampala and other main sources of habitation. The WHO has advised that there is no need for any travel or trade restrictions for Uganda. Travel is proceeding normally to all areas of Uganda. Guests […]

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