“One Sheep per Family” Community Project

In June 2014 Virunga Lodge launched the “One Sheep per Family” project, to provide one sheep to each of the 140 families in the Sunzu community. The sheep manure provides natural and effective fertiliser for growing crops. As well as providing manure, selling lambs provide income for the family.

For the project to work effectively, the community is divided up into 14 groups and each group is given nine females and one male. After all females produce an offspring, the breeding males are rotated to a different group for genetic diversity. A new family takes over caring for the male and donates one female offspring back to the previous ram caretaker.

With the generous support of the guests, all 140 families have now received a sheep under this successful initiative! We are now implementing the same project in the neighbouring village, Bugeyo, to enhance the number of villagers who benefit surrounding Virunga Lodge. Bugeyo village has a total of 175 families and, as of October 2019, 153 families have received a sheep thanks to the generous donations.

Click on the ‘donate’ button below to donate one sheep ($40) to one of the Bugeyo community.