For digital photography, remember to pack extra batteries and memory cards. Volcanoes Safaris lodges have facilities to recharge batteries but packing a car charger or power bank can also be useful.

If you are shooting film, bring as much film as you think you will need during your trip. You are unlikely to be able to buy it in Uganda or Rwanda.

Flash photography is not allowed in the vicinity of the mountain gorillas or the chimpanzees, so fast film is useful (400-1600 ASA). The mountain gorillas and chimpanzees are most usually found in the forests. Dark tree cover may obscure the light so bear this in mind when you’re setting up your camera.

Personal video recorders are allowed however professional filmmakers require permission to film in the National Parks and need to purchase commercial filming permits in advance. You are welcome to contact our sales team for advice on organizing these permits.

Drones are highly restricted in Rwanda and Uganda and require proper documentation and declaration, regardless of commercial or personal use. Attempting to enter Rwanda or Uganda with a drone, without the needed permit or registration, could potentially lead to very serious consequences including denial of entrance. If you are considering bringing a drone into Rwanda or Uganda, please be sure to research and abide by the respective laws and suggested practices. Drone permits and regulations are issued by the Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority and the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority, in Rwanda and Uganda respectively.

Before photographing people, it is polite to ask their permission first. Photography is not allowed near soldiers or military buildings.