The Equatorial climate of Uganda and Rwanda is a major attraction with temperatures on the plains ranging between a very agreeable 21°C and 30°C. The climate does not change much, meaning both countries are ideal holiday destinations throughout the year.

In the mountainous areas it is colder than on the plains (especially at night) and the rainfall is greater. Temperatures in the mountainous areas can go down as low as 10°C in certain months.

The rainy seasons tend to be from March to April and October to November, but this varies and it can rain any time of year, especially in the gorilla park areas. Travel can be slower in the rainy season but the views are often better as the rain clears the air of dust.

Gorilla tracking can be muddier during the rainy season but with the right equipment and a helpful porter to guide you, gorilla tracking still remains open to visitors.

Our advice is to travel when it is most convenient for you. Visitors generally agree that the rain, which is usually just for short periods of time, is part of the great travel experience.