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On the trail of world-renowned gorilla conservationist Dian Fossey, Damien Gabet meets with silverbacks in the Rwandan forest

There he was, the man we’d trekked hours to meet. Frank was square-jaw handsome, but with a perma-frown and scar that made him look dangerous. Once a poacher, he now uses his tracking talents to locate mountain gorillas for tourists. As we approached, I could see he was casually shaving earth from his boots with […]

City AM, Damien Gabet

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11 Off-the-Grid Hotels for When You Really Want to Escape

We use ‘get-away’ as a synonym for vacation, because at best, that’s exactly what it is—a chance to escape our daily lives, if only for a few days. But there are some places that take this idea even further, where ‘getting away’ actually means ‘as far from civilization as possible’ (think, a medieval-looking fortress in […]

Condé Nast Traveler, Betsy Blumenthal

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Gorilla Trekking in Uganda: How to Take This Bucket List Trip on a Budget

Volcanoes Safaris A trip to see African gorillas in the wild isn’t cheap. But there is a way to bring down costs as much as possible. For wildlife lovers, seeing the gorillas that live in the misty mountain jungles between Uganda and Rwanda is a bucket-list must. With only 880 of these intelligent primates left […]

Frommer's, Melissa Klurman

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There Are Fewer Than 900 Gorillas Left — Here’s How to Save Them

An interview with Praveen Moman of Volcanoes Safaris Volcanoes Safari “From the first time you see them, you feel these people are related to you. Their eyes, how they look at you…” – Praveen Moman Praveen Moman admits that 1997 wasn’t the best time to start a business in Rwanda. It was four years after […]

Forbes, Sophie Friedman

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Meet the Man Who Changed Vacationing in Rwanda Forever

Praveen Moman was born in Uganda. Until he was 16, his backyard was a place his father called paradise: the Western Rift Valley, which runs along Uganda, Rwanda, and the DRC, creating spectacular geological formations, ecosystems, and wildlife parks in its path. Moman’s family left for the UK in the 1970s, and after the expulsion […]

Fodor's, Rachael Roth

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