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Molly pays respects to Dian Fossey

In 1988, when I was 8 years old, my father brought my sister and I to see the movie Gorillas in the Mist which told the story of Dian Fossey’s life struggle to protect Rwanda’s mountain gorillas. As an animal lover, I was delighted by the scenes of Sigourney Weaver, who played Fossey, interacting with real mountain […]

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A Trip With the Birdwatchers

It’s finally time, my 12 day safari officially begins! It’s hard to contain the excitement until the very first second I jump into the car and I notice four nice looking people and….”The Birds of East Africa, Volume 1.” Oh Gosh, the birds people! I have to say I have nothing against birding or birdwatchers, […]

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The Spectacular Summit of Sabyinyo

Carefully placing each hand and foot, I moved slowly but deliberately up the handmade ladders nailed into the 60-degree mountain slope. On both sides, the ridge fell off into a white void. As if clawing my way to heaven, I followed the knife-edge path onward and upward through a sea of swirling white clouds to […]

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More Hot Chocolate? Yes, Please!

Recently two new members of the Volcanoes Team, Holly and Richard, took some much needed down time from the hustle and bustle of Kampala life and traveled to Mount Gahinga Lodge to climb the misty Sabinyo Volcano… My first impression upon arriving to Mt. Gahinga Lodge was the breathtaking scenery.  The lodge itself and the […]

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Berlusconi! Berlusconi! I Hear it on the Radio!

My hotel room has a tiny TV that I keep thinking is more for decoration than for anything else. Last night I finally managed to turn it on after several (pathetic) attempts. Mmm…let’s see, there was some sort of French documentary, a Rwandese news channel and on the last available channel…mmm….Berlusconi?! Yes, Berlusconi. Being Italian […]

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