Activity Category: Conservation Activity

Gahinga Batwa Village

volcanoes safaris mount gahinga batwa village community housing project

The Building of a Permanent Settlement for the Gahinga Batwa, Uganda The Batwa are thought to be one of the oldest surviving indigenous people in the Central African Region. Known for their unique culture in the forests, the Batwa of the Virunga Mountains survived by hunting small game, gathering plants and fruits, living in caves […]

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Virunga Water Tank Project

volcanoes safaris virunga lodge rwanda water tank project

Although it rains heavily around Virunga Lodge, there are very few facilities for water catchment and storage and in the dry season there is an acute shortage of water. The village communities around Virunga lodge do not have enough clean water for drinking or for growing crops. Starting in 2016, Virunga Lodge has been providing […]

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Batwa Dance Group

volcanoes safaris mount gahinga batwa dance group community project

The Batwa dance group performs weekly for the local community drawing huge crowds of children to watch! This is a very important activity for the VSPT as it works to integrate the Batwa with the local communities, who since their eviction from the forest have been reticent to share their precious land. Performances are also […]

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