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Volcanoes Safaris Partnership Trust and the Jane Goodall Institute announces partnership to support Kyambura Gorge chimpanzees and communities

Kyambura Gorge Lodge 10th Anniversary celebration

Volcanoes Safaris Partnership Trust and the Jane Goodall Institute announces partnership to support Kyambura Gorge chimpanzees and communities

Volcanoes Safaris is delighted to announce a long-term partnership between the Jane Goodall Institute Uganda (JGI) and Volcanoes Safaris Partnership Trust (VSPT) for supporting the lost chimpanzees of Kyambura Gorge. The partnership is being announced on the 10th anniversary of the opening of Kyambura Gorge Lodge and World Chimpanzee Day!

The plight of the thirty isolated chimpanzees living in Kyambura Gorge has brought Volcanoes Safaris Partnership Trust and the Jane Goodall Institute together to support their future survival, in collaboration with the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Wetland-and-Buffer.jpgThe partnership with JGI will significantly reinforce community-led conservation and ecotourism development centred around the Kyambura Gorge landscape in the Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda.

The partnership will focus on the following six key objectives:

  • Planning a program of action in conjunction with local stakeholders - communities, UWA and tourism organisations
  • Expanding community outreach programs through the JGI Roots & Shoots program and the VSPT Community Centre
  • Expanding the VSPT buffer zone to protect chimpanzee habitat
  • Developing further ecotourism activities
  • Diversifying local livelihoods and improving smart crop husbandry
  • Evaluating the feasibility of connecting the chimpanzees to a neighbouring forest

projects in kyamburaAnnouncing the partnership, Praveen Moman, Founder Volcanoes Safaris and Chair of VSPT said: “The VSPT Kyambura Gorge Ecotourism Partnership has worked to safeguard the threatened chimpanzee community and give local communities a stake in conservation and tourism over the last 10 years. This partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute will bring in new expertise in chimpanzee conservation, research and outreach and build on our work in the Kyambura Gorge Landscape.”

Anna Rathmann, Executive Director of Jane Goodall Institute USA, said: "Focused efforts to help the chimpanzees of Kyambura is another great example of how the Jane Goodall Institute supports individuals and their communities, as well as populations of chimpanzees across their range. There is significant potential for community-driven conservation - especially through sustainable ecotourism - and we look forward to what this partnership will deliver for these chimpanzees."

W184_Kyambura_NMH7.21_V6-front-cover-copy.jpgVolcanoes Safaris is also publishing today a booklet documenting our conservation and community work at Kyambura Gorge, which was inspired by Praveen’s visits to the area as a child- Safeguarding the Lost Chimpanzees of Kyambura Gorge.

Kyambura Gorge Lodge

The newly reimagined Kyambura Gorge Lodge is the perfect base for exploring the lost chimps of Kyambura Gorge, and combines with Bwindi Lodge for a 7-day Gorilla, Chimps and Wildlife safari.

"Kyambura Gorge - a heavenly Soho House-like lodge complete with four-poster beds, giant in and outdoor showers, plus a plains-fringed pool." - Nicola Moyne, Evening Standard


For lodge bookings and the opportunity for guests to participate in community and conservation activities please contact [email protected]

For further information about the VSPT-JGI Partnership please contact:

Alexandra Avila [email protected]

Shawn Sweeney [email protected]

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To protect gorillas from disease, no children under 15 years are allowed to go gorilla tracking. For guests booking a stay at Virunga Lodge, please note that the minimum age limit for children at Virunga Lodge is 12 years.

Safari Activities

Chimpanzee Tracking

Tracking chimpanzees in their natural habitat, as they swing from the branches in the canopy high above the forest floor is nothing short of exhilarating. The chimps effortlessly cross and scamper through the trees above the gorge, and visitors on the other hand must cross the river using natural bridges in order to keep up with the chimps. So although the walk usually lasts only 2–3 hours, descending the steep gorge and crossing the log bridges over the river requires some agility and fitness.

Chimpanzee tracking is also available in nearby Kalinzu, a forest reserve 30 minutes drive from Kyambura Gorge Lodge where there is a community of about 40 habituated chimpanzees.