Luxury Lodges

Uganda and Rwanda

About Us

Volcanoes Safaris’ lodges are the premier eco-luxury destinations in Rwanda & Uganda. Our lodges respect the culture of the local communities, the fragility of the environment, and the need to use our resources in a sustainable way. With all of this in mind, we craft bespoke safaris to our lodges highlighting the most unique aspects of our region including the rare wildlife, mountainous terrain, and cultural ancestry. Led by our outstanding Volcanoes Safaris guides, guests to our intimate luxury safari lodges explore the gorilla and chimpanzee forests of Uganda and Rwanda, and much more.

For more than fifteen years we have been at the forefront of mountain gorilla tourism and, led by visionary conservationist Praveen Moman, are the only safari company to have signed the UN Kinshasa Declaration on Great Apes.

For every safari booked, we donate 100 USD to the local communities surrounding our lodges via the Volcanoes Safaris Partnership Trust (VSPT). The VSPT allows us to work together with the community in a way that not only supports their development, but allows our guests unique and authentic access to many of the conservation and community-orientated projects.